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BioSkin BioRepeel TCA Peel (Series of 3)

BioSkin BioRepeel TCA Peel (Series of 3)

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💚 Introducing the new “It Girl” of chemical peels!

Introducing the BioRePeel.. a revolutionary 35% TCA peel that doesn't make vou peel

You get all the benefits of a TCA peel without the downtime... it's a slay! A no peel peel with zero social downtime!

It has a biphasic technology that drives the ingredients deep into the skin.

This peel can be applied in combination with the SkinPen. 

This iconic peel turns green when you mix the lipophillic phase with the hydrophilic phase

Lipophilic phase:

The lipophilic phase (BLUE) floats on the hydrophilic one

(YELLOW) and prevents the oxidation of the trichloroacetic acid, mechanically separating from the contact with the oxygen, thus stabilizing the formulation. It also performs this action on other acid and dermofunctional active ingredients, improving performance and ensuring product safety.

Moreover thanks to the active contents (Squalane and Isopropyl myristate) it also carries out:

  • FILMING AND VEHICULATING ACTIONS It reduces trans-epidermic water evaporation and assists active principles vehiculation.
  • REGENERATING ACTION It restores and maintains cutaneous hydro-lipidic film.
  • MOISTURIZING ACTION It increases hydration through direct and indirect mechanism.

Hydrophilic phase:

The hydrophilic phase (YELLOW) contains an innovative mix of TCA, alpha, beta and poly hydroxy acids, amino acids and vitamins.

The acids, amino acids and vitamins contained in BioRePeelCI3 are:

  • TCA Trichloroacetic acid
  • Poly hydroxy acids: Lactobionic acid
  • Beta hydroxy acids: Salicylic acid
  • Alpha hydroxy acids: Tartaric acid, citric acid
  • Aminoacids: Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline, Arginine
  • Vitamins: C and B2
  • Lifting agent: GABA (aminobutyric acid)

This peel is truly magic in a bottle. 🪄 

It helps with:

Fine lines




Acne scars

Acne marks

Noninflamed acne

Inflamed acne



Large pores

& it's safe for all skin colors and it's safe year round!!

As with any peel, best results if done in a series of 3-6 spaced every 14-21 days apart!

🛑 ✋ Contraindications:

BioRePeel should not be utilized with the following conditions listed below.

-Retinoids, AHA, BHA, Retinols, Antibiotics

**should be avoided 7-14 days prior and post care**

-Active bacterial infection, viral, fungal or heretic infections

-Open wounds

  • Pre-existing inflammatory dermatosis (i.e., psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, pemphigus)
  • Skin cancer - MUST be cancer free for a period of 3 years and have direct written consent from a physician.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding
  • History of drugs with photosensitizing potential
  • Use of Accutane within a 6-8-month period
  • Not fully recovered from any kind of cosmetic surgery

-Aspirin allergy

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