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Combo Therapy: Skinpen Microneedling + BioRepeel (Series of 3)

Combo Therapy: Skinpen Microneedling + BioRepeel (Series of 3)

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The most ICONIC dream team there ever was! 🙌🏻💚💙


Everyone who knows me has heard me rave about and highly recommend both Skinpen Microneedling and the BioRepeel. 🎉


Alone, both treatments are excellent for:

•collagen and elastin synthesis

•acne scarring (both PIH + PIE)

•pore size + texture

•pigmentation + Melasma

•lines + wrinkles



👉🏻Picture this..👀 First you microneedle the skin, creating 3,000,000 open channels allowing full penetration of product and all of the listed benefits listed above…Second you apply a 35% TCA peel (That’s a LOT of TCA) that’s going to travel deep down to the dermis and do it’s own magic 🪄


🍒 The results? You will be blown away 🤯


🫶🏻Although the Biorepeel alone can be performed every 7-10 days, this powerful combination treatment is only recommended once every 30 days to allow full healing of the skin!

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