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Epicutis Lipid Serum

Epicutis Lipid Serum

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A Skin-Changing Hydrating + Antioxidant Serum

Formulated with TSC, a small molecule that reduces inflammation, blocks UVA/UVB induced damage, possesses antioxidant properties, protects collagen, and balances the skin’s microbiome. With only 8 ingredients, this serum works to improve skin hydration, while re-texturizing the surface of the skin for a smoother feel.

This serum absorbs quickly - carrying a network of calming nutrients to the skin to sooth the appearance of redness, banish bacteria and protect against collagen breakdown.

EVERY SINGLE skin concern has one thing in common-INFLAMMATION! Acne, pigment, aging, redness, you name it. If you have skin, you need lipid serum! She addresses it all!

What I LOVE about lipid serum:

It drives your products deeper. To the point where they hit that subcutaneous layer. So you're getting the most out of your products!

*This is an AMAZING thing, but can possibly result in temporary skin purging for acne prone individuals! Not from the product, but from its ability to help the delivery system of your other active ingredient products. If you are treating acne with acne fighting products, Lipid Serum will absolutely help to clear your acne faster!!

**If you're worried about purging, use this as your only serum for a week, then slowly start incorporating your actives!

Amazing Benefits:


•ultra hydrating

•soothes irritation 

•reduces redness

•decreases downtime post procedure

•balances microbiome

•fights collagen breakdown

•smooths tone and texture

 ✨EWG Verified 

✨Pro-Tip: use a facial mist first so your face is damp and doesn't suck it up as fast. You use less product that way! l use less than a pea size morning and night! Lasts 3-4 months


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